During our Sunday morning Worship service the children have their own sermon message delivered by one of the children's ministry leaders. These messages are geared to their age level and the children's responses are a delight to the adult congregation.The kids then go to Kids Worship where they have fun activities, music, sing songs and learn more about Jesus .

Mount Vernon Baptist Church has many ministry programs in place.
Our Sunday School, Music and Children's Ministry are
ever expanding to reach the needs of members.
WMU and Baptist Men are Outreach programs that
help people in the our community and all over the world.
Our Youth Program helps to prepare kids for life
and to go forward with a strong spirital understanding.
Sunday School Dept.
   Craig Faircloth, Director

Dianne Quinn -
Adult Choir Director

Mount Vernon Baptist Men are commited to helping provide whatever services are needed for those in need in the community. Whether it is cleaning up after storms, helping relocate someone to a new home, providing services for the handicaped or senior adults, the Baptist Men are there to help.

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