Week of
August 18, 2019

Church Family

*Ruby Austin
Kevin Barber Family
Lillie Barber
Knox Bass
Connie Gainey Cance
Becky Carr
Destini Carter
Jimmy Corbett
Mike Costin
Cathy Cottle
Michael Cottle, Jr.
Mike Cottle
Marshall Ezzell
Rob Falatovich
Harold Frederick
Kelvin Gronau
Joyce Hairr
Evelyn Hales
Missy Hunter
Doug King
Emma Logan
Sharon Opperman
Joyce Pope
Sarah Pope
Marie Tyndall
Mittie and Marshall Tyndall
Mike Wall
BeBe Williams


Jessica Coombs
Ashley Tew
Forrest Wade

Church Homebound

Seth Brown
Chris Coursey
Luke Hodges
Collin Scott King
Dylan Tyler
Aaron Tyner


Clinton, North Carolina 
"Where Faith Takes On Life"
Mount Vernon Baptist Church

Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Here is a list of names of people in our community
who are in need of your prayers.........

"...because the Spirit intercedes for the Saints in accordance with God's will."

Extended Family

*David Alexander
Julie Bannister
Helen Barber
William Barnes
*Anthony Bass
Chad Bass
Joyce and Marion Bass
Lib Bass
Kristy Bass
Teresa Bell
    (Betty Jo Tyner’s Mom)
Tanner Bjork
Thelma Blackburn
Patricia & Dick Boney
Cody Boyette
Jesse Bradshaw
James Britt
Landon Bryant
Denise Bullard
Jimmy Burch
Robert Burke
Joe Butler
Alyssa Cance
Joshua Cannady
Colin Carberry
Hilda Carr
Danny Carroll
Sandra Carter
Chris Chestnutt
Joe Coleman
Lisa Cornell 
(Sharon’s Opperman daughter-in-law)
Adam Creech
Lynn Daniels
Elizabeth Daughtery
Billy Edwards
Jackie Elmore
Chris Fortner
Janet Giddens
Joyce Glossan
Emily Godwin
Kimberly Gonzalez
Jeffrey Griffin
*HCA Students
Darwin Hairr
Mary Hall
Judy Harrell
Andrew Hill
Junior and Doris Hill
Andy Hodges
Mary Lynn Honeycutt
Jeremy Horne
Sylvia Hunt
Michael Hunter
Doris Johnson
Karen Tew Jones
Jacob Jordan
Janet and Thomas King
Stephen King
Pam Futrell Lamm
Adam Lane
Betty Lane
Christopher Lee
Mary Sue Lee
Maddocks Lockamy
Ted Lockerman
Joyce Loftland
Vickie and Zack Lucas
*MCA Students
Bobby Marshall
Jennifer Martin
Stephanie (Smoky) Martin
*Tony Matthis
Logan McLamb
Robert & Mary Meadows
Mike Medlin
Paulette Mintz
Brenda Mitchell
Holly Moore
Grayson Naylor
*Nolan Otters  (infant)
Our Country
Logan Pate
Louis Ray Pate
Bobby and Sharon Pearsall
Claudette Phillips
Linda Barber Pope
Nettie Pope
Terri Pope
Steve Porter
Joanna Price
Stacy Ray
Chris Rhett
Cathy Rogers
Patsy Rouse
Patsy Rouse’s Mother
Sandy Skerrett
Donald Smith
Judy Smith
William Smith
Velsa Spencer
Mike Stancil
Jay Stanley
Neal Strickland
Keith Thornton
Lisa Inman Tyndall
Jerry Underwood
Kelly Walker
Charles Wetherington
Joyce Whaley
*Edna Wiggins
Crawford Williams
Linda Williams
Linda Williamson
Gary Willis
Larry Winders
Kenneth (K.D.) Wise

Mount Vernon Baptist Church
3790 Faison Highway  Clinton, North Carolina
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