Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Here is a list of names of people in our community
who are in need of your prayers.........

"...because the Spirit intercedes for the Saints in accordance with God's will."

May 26, 2023

Church Family

Duke Barber
Lillie Barber
Steve Bass
Bonnie Blackman
Webb Brown
Becky and Jim Carr
Robert Carroll
Cameron Carter
Tatum Carter
Penny Costin
Cathy and Mike Cottle
Carter Faircloth
Rob Falatovich
Peggy & Harold Frederick
Laura Goodrich
Wendy Hall
Mark McNeil
Sharon Opperman
Sarah Pope
Danny Strickland
Kim Townsend
Eva Marie and Richard Tyndall
Nelson and Marie Tyndall
Mittie and Marshall Tyndall
Mike Wall
Tracy Weeks


Heather Hall
Natalie Brantley

Church Homebound


Seth Brown
Will Langston
Dylan Tyler
Aaron Tyner


Extended Family

April Alcorta
Gina Autry
Elaine Allen
David Alexander
Joyce Anthony
Ricky Autry
Travis Barcomb
Lib Bass
Kristy Bass
Teresa Bell
Ryan Bellanger
Keith Benton
Pete Best
Mary Monk Blackman
Cody Boyette
James Britt
*Curtis Brown, Jr. Family
Sue Bruce
Landon Bryant
Robert Burke
Jo & Nancy Butler
Linwood Butler
Joshua Cannady
Jill Carden
Bobby Carr
Hilda Carr
Sandra Carter
Chris Chestnutt
Glenn Clark
Joe Coleman
Kelly Collier
Lisa Cornell
Adam Creech
Matt Daughtry
Ray Draughon
Jackie Elmore
Henry Thomas Faircloth
Henry Faison
Joyce Glossan
Emily Godwin
Kimberly Gonzalez
Gary and Carol Gore
Jerry Guy
Gail Hairr
Ryder Hairr
Mary Hall
Roy Hall
Susie Hammond
Gregg Harrell
Pinn Harrellson
Elizabeth Harris
   (Megan Snell’s grandmother)
Robin Harvell
Cindy Henry
Doris Hill
*Family of Sidney Hodges
Jeremy Horne
Jill Horner
Gertrell Hudson
Sylvia Hunt
Michael Hunter
Sharon Hunter
Keith Jackson
Tammy and Kent Jacobs
Doris Johnson
Jacob Jordan
Brad Kelly
Susie Kerschen
Stephen King
Jenny Murphy
Donnie Lamm
Pam Futrell Lamm
Adam Lane
Barbara Lewis
John Lewis
Scott Lewis
Joyce Loftland
Landon Lucas
Luke Martin
Betty Matthis
Faye McCullen
Zack McCullen
Sherylle McGee
Danny McLamb
Robert & Mary Meadows
Norma & Shelley Meckler
Pat Medlin
Donnie Merritt
Linda Miller
Brooke Minnich
Holly Moore
Larry Naylor
Ann O’Donnell
Our Church
Anita Owens
Amber Parker
Eddie Parker
Logan Pate
Mike Pate
Kathy Peay
Danny Perry
Melissa Perry
*Tammy Pitts
Linda Barber Pope
Sandra Pope
Terri Pope
Steve Porter
Joanna Price
Jeanette Rackley
Jeffery Ray
Cliff Raynor
Sandra Raynor
Chris Rhett
Cathy Rogers
Donald Smith
Jeanette Smith
Mike Stancil
Morris Stanley
Ed Stevens
David Stone
Cindy Sutton
Rick Thigpen
David Thompson
Alice Faye Thornton
Judy Thornton
Keith Thornton
Robert Allen Thornton
Ed Townsend
Dorothy Tyndall
United States 
US Military
Knott Underwood
Christy Wall
Anna Warren
Tammy Warren
Wanda and Ken West
Pam Westbrook
Timmy Westbrook
Bebe Williams
Crawford Williams
Jeanette Williams
Mark Williams
Herbert Williamson
Linda Williamson
*Jackson Woodcock


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